NiK Kacy Footwear at Rainbow Fashion Week New York!

Posted on July 13 2016

NiK Kacy Footwear at Rainbow Fashion Week New York!

I am still catching up after a whirlwind trip to New York for Rainbow Fashion Week! It was an amazing experience and I have pictures to prove it! See below... ;) RFW is the first carbon neutral fashion event of its kind which focuses on queer designers and I was fortunate to be invited by its founder Jag Beckford. Jag is also the CEO of Jag and Co, a unique clothing company based in NY. 

I got to meet some incredible models from all over, one of which even flew all the way from Chile just to walk for me! (I <3 u, Mike and Mariusz!) Thank you to my amazing models - Jolaina, Kris, Charisma, Nanette, Mike, Lina, Laura, Whitney, and E.

The NiK Kacy Family at RFW!

I continue to feel so honored by all the love and support. My models were gorgeous from the inside out and not only did they make my shoes look good but they fed my soul! As if that was not fulfilling enough, I also got to share the stage with my beautiful and supportive mother who walked the runway for me in a pair of navy blue and grey monk boots. Talk about a dream come true... I know my dad must have been watching down from heaven feeling so proud of both my mom and I. 

My mom and I on the runway stage

This Fall, I'll be continuing my journey with fashion events by revealing my second collection, Destiny, at DapperQ's iD Fashion Show at the Brooklyn Museum on September 8th. Via a collaboration and partnership with Sharpe Suiting, I'll be revealing a collection of 4 androgynous styles as well as 4 high heel designs. All of the styles will remain in the same size range as our current collection, spanning 14 sizes from 34-47. I hope to gain enough interest from the fashion show to launch a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds to go back into production again.

From September 28th to October 2nd, I will also be sharing my collection at Queer Fashion Week and Conference in Oakland. This fashion event will consist of a 4 day conference and fashion shows! Its going to be amazing and I can't wait to share photos and stories with you all! The next few months are going to be intense as I focus on creating the Destiny collection and also keeping the business alive by selling out the remaining inventory. I am also working on my lookbook so we can start reaching out to vendors to carry our collection. Fingers crossed!!! Please keep us in your prayers as we continue to work on building NiK Kacy the brand, a company that firmly believes in the equality of humans and that all people should be able to express themselves through fashion no matter what gender or how they identify.

Here are more photos of each model taken by my extremely talented photographer Mariusz of MM PhotoStudio, who also flew in from Chile to attend the show! See you next time and be sure to come back to our website for our next collection and blog updates! Also be sure to follow us on social media (facebook, instagram, twitter, pinterest) @nikkacyfootwear :)

Mike BazerJolainaNanetteE. GarciaLauraKrisWhitneyLinaCharismaStella (my mom)


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  • Mishel: July 15, 2016

    This is awesome Nik!

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