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Thank you to all the supporters (aka Kickstarter backers and first time clients) who helped turn this dream into a reality by giving us the funds to go into production with our first collection. Our shipment finally came through after many delays with what seemed like endless issues. 

It was a bit overwhelming to go through all these boxes, hand checking each pair of shoes and repacking them to our standards but I think you'll like what you see. Check the photos below and if you've ordered your shoes or supported our Kickstarter campaign with shoes as rewards, look for your package in the mail in the next week (or two if you are out of the US). 

Me posing with my shipment!!   Shoeboxes I think we stack up real nice! ;)

Finally, one disclaimer... we had some issues with the shoe box manufacturer so for all shoes that are size 40 and up,  you may receive a generic brandless shoe box. We are working out this kink and this will be resolved by next production. Apologies to anyone who does not get the NiK Kacy shoe is pretty dope.  Here is a photo grid of a pair of Blue Suede Desert Boots we will be shipping out!

Blue Suede Desert Boots

Thank you again and I'll be sending out tracking numbers shortly!



NiK Kacy

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