NiK Kacy Footwear heads to NY for Fashion Week!

Posted on August 30 2016

NiK Kacy Footwear heads to NY for Fashion Week!

Hello from LA! Its been a hot minute since I've had time to share the latest with you all... and I do apologize for that. Things have been a bit crazy - some good, some bad but ultimately all positive in the long run because that's what new, small businesses are all about!

On the exciting front, I'll be presenting with Sharpe Suiting at DapperQ's iD NY Fashion Week Queer Runway Show on September 8th at the prestigious Brooklyn Museum. Its DapperQ's 3rd Fashion Show so you know its going to be uh-may-zing! Sharpe and I will be showcasing our collaborative designs together in a cohesive mission to break the gender normative with our creative vision.  

Leon, Tony and NiK on the runway
Tony, Leon of SharpeSuiting and NiK Kacy prepping for the runway show

The bad news is that for the third time my factory has bumped my requests for samples in order to meet their bigger clients' needs. Being a small business is very challenging particularly when you're trying to do something new and the shoe industry is very resistant to it. So at the last minute I was left with no samples of my next collection, aptly titled Destiny (LOL). But if you know me, you'll know that my destiny is not filled with failures and I am very persistent. So when I was not even given lemons... well... I went out and I picked some and made my own unique lemonade concoction! 

It was actually quite an experience going back to basics and building authentic samples by hand using what I could find out in the market and making it into something that I felt could resemble my vision. Of course, I'll be looking for a new relationship with another factory who will hopefully be more committed in our journey and see the bigger picture. I've got a few leads already and will not give up until I can find someone who can produce the kind of quality that I believe in. 

This Summer has been filled with productivity. We are getting close to selling out all our sizes from 34-41 (traditionally US women's sizes) but still have a handful of larger sizes. So if you know any larger footed people who want to support queer, small business while also supporting gender equality, please urge them to check out our collection!

We also took time to do a Summer photoshoot, thanks to the generous time of some very talented friends! Its never work when you're having fun and we had a lot of fun... here are some photos for you to enjoy! [Special thanks to Vivi Rama our main photographer, Rob Eves our supporting photographer, Mandahla Rose, Akhani Cacao, and Adia Joelle for modeling and making my shoes look good!]

Mandahla and Akhani wearing the Black Dress Boot and Navy Blue Monk BootsMandahla showing how fun modeling can be!best smile ever! Adia Joelle models again for NKF

After the DapperQ fashion show, we'll be heading West to Oakland for Queer Fashion Week! Woot hoot! I heard its going to be a double runway and I can't wait to see what comes next in this adventure! :)

Thank you all again for all your support! I truly couldn't have done it without each and every one of you. So many of you have took the time to write reviews after your purchases and more than a handful of you have managed to collect several pairs of the Fortune Collection already!! There is a chance that with the change in manufacturing, the next batch of shoes may change slightly so if you have been yearning for a pair of the current collection, I urge you to go buy them now as they might just become collector's edition soon. 




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