Welcome our New Brand Ambassador - Lee Dawn Hershey!

Posted on March 28 2018

Welcome our New Brand Ambassador - Lee Dawn Hershey!

If you haven't noticed lately we've been sharing some amazing new photos of our shoes and accessories with a new face. They've got a face that shows determination, kindness, power... its a face you can't easily forget. And if you know Lee Dawn Hershey, you'll know too that they've got a heart of gold and a wonderful spirit to boot! (pun intended) ;) It is my honor to introduce Lee to you all as the new face of NiK Kacy. Their spirit defines everything that our brand stands for and their look is exactly how we see our brand. Its a blend of tough (kickass) with a soft-hearted kindness and compassion. Thats what we hope to inspire everyone to be like... authentic and making a positive impact in the world - one step at a time. (ok ok, enough shoe puns). 

Lee is an incredibly talented actor and mixologist, as well as is the founder and EP of Girls With Flair. They are going to take the world by storm so keep an eye out because we're pretty sure you're going to see them everywhere! Here's a little message from Lee to all of you! Take care and don't forget its the last week to take advantage of the storewide sale of all our newest designs as well as the last collection. Once production comes in, all the new products will be at full price!

Enjoy our new gallery of photos of Lee (all shot by the incredibly talented photographer, Rob Eves). Hope your Spring is going well! Thank you for all your support!


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