Self-Service Online Fittings, Size Conversions, and Shoe Care


There are a few ways to ensure you order the best possible size for your shoes and we highly recommend that you take the time to read through this so that you can be armed with the proper information before ordering the right size.

We have created a self-service sizing template so that you can print and self-measure . Please follow each step of the instructions below for the most accurate sizing:

  • Print out the proper sizing template based on what you think your usual show size is. Refer to our size conversion chart below to determine the proper genderless (european) sizing template you should print out. You will have a choice between printing one template for sizes 34-40 or a second template for size 41-47.
  • Please ensure you print at 100% full scale and the setting is NOT set to "fit to width"
  • After printing, place your Driver's License or any credit card in the lower left hand box of the template and draw the outline of the card (make sure it fits perfectly. If it doesn't, then something went wrong with the printer setting).
  • After confirming the printout is at 100%, stand on the template with your right foot. Check that your foot is inside the heel line and centering your toes as close as possible to within the size outline you think you should be at.
  • You may sit down or bend over to draw the outline of your foot by yourself or you may have someone else help you. Just remember to keep your foot still and inside the outline. Proceed to draw an outline of your foot with a dark pen (no thicker than a 1mm pen tip). Please note that your pen should always be perpendicularly straight to the ground, not at an angle as that will affect accuracy. Ensure you are drawing the outline exactly to your foot and not under your foot. IMPORTANT: please use only one pen line and do not draw multiple lines to complete the outline as that will be impossible to decipher.
  • Once complete, take a photo or scan of your outlined template, and email us at, along with answers to the following questions:
    • do you plan on wearing thick or thin socks or both with your shoes?
    • do you prefer a snug fit or some toe wiggle room?
    • do you have a high arch? high instep?
    • do you have what is considered "average," "wide," or "narrow" feet?
    • do you have any conditions like bunions, hammertoes, corns, etc that could affect fit?
    • do you wear or plan to wear orthotics?
Thank you for taking the time to review and complete this process. We believe everyone should have the right to express themselves through fashion regardless of gender or identity. Fashion is about style and style should never be limited by gender. We look forward to helping you determine the proper size for your order. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions at If you feel unsure with your self-measurements, we are happy to schedule a full-service fitting online meeting via Skype or Facebook to help you in real-time but you must have your template print out ready during the session. 

Please PRINT one of the two links below. One for the template of sizes 34-40, the other sizes 41-47. Once you click on the links, the template will open in a new window. You will be able to print once open the link.

Sizing template for shoe size 34-40 
Sizing template for shoe size 41-47

Should the fit be unsatisfactory upon receipt, please check our return policy for more information on exchanges and store credit. Unfortunately, due to the nature of our small production, we are unable to accept returns for full refunds unless it was due to error on our end.


Another way to figure out your shoe size is to measure your feet. We understand what it feels like to not be able to find your size so we aim to be as inclusive as possible. We currently are offering only in sizes from 34-47 (US women's 3.5 to Men's 14) and hope to have wide and narrow sizes in the future. If you don't have a printer for our self-service online fitting, we recommend you measure your foot axis (length) as well as ball girth (width) to ensure proper sizing. Ball girth is measured by wrapping the circumference of (all the way around) the widest part of your foot. Length is measured by the longest axis of your foot from heel to your longest toe.
how to measure your feet
Our lasts are designed with an agender perspective in mind, so our aim is to break the traditional proportions for genderized sizing. Our sizing chart below provides true last measurements for our FORTUNE collection lasts (shoe mold). Please note that due to this new gender equal proportion, our fit will be longer than what US sizes are accustomed to for women as well as a bit narrower for customers who are used to traditional men's sizes. 
Be sure to add about half an inch to your feet length measurement for toe wiggle room or thicker socks and keep in mind that your leather shoes will break in (soften) to fit your feet with longterm wear. 

To learn more about how to measure your feet, visit this great blog "how to" page.
 NiK Kacy Footwear Size Conversion

The best shoe care will ensure your shoes have a long, lasting life. 

  • Always use a shoe horn to avoid damaging or misshaping your shoes.
  • Be sure to give time for your shoes to air out and breathe between wearing.
  • Use a shoetree to optimize shape and soften creasing.
  • Always clean your shoes before conditioning or polishing.
  • Use a good conditioning cream to keep your leather shoes hydrated to avoid cracking. (When applying cream, use a soft cotton cloth wrapped in two fingers and apply in circular motions. Avoid big sweeping strokes.) Wait for cream to penetrate for 10 minutes and then polish with a soft shoe brush.
  • You may use a wax polish to complete the process but only if you want that extra shine.
  • (For suede shoes, simply use a brush when needed. Do not use any creams or polish).
  • A healthy and happy pair of shoes will give you many years of walking your way!