Posted on November 14 2018


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NiK Kacy Winter BOGO Sale!

Hello lovelies! I hope you had a wonderful Summer and I'm so sorry that I've been so busy I did have time to do a Fall update. This Fall, I produced the 1st ever LGBTQ-focused Fashion Week in Los Angeles - called Equality Fashion Week! I am so proud of this accomplishment because I had been wanting this platform for our community for a long time. LA is such a hub for creative queer designers and yet we often are not only under-represented but totally appropriated in the mainstream fashion culture. Equality Fashion Week brought over 100 queers together to make a 5 day event filled with fashion and hotness! Learn more about it at and follow us @equalityfashionweek so you can see when our next one will be! 

CombatH8 BootsChelsea Boots

A second highlight besides creating EFW was that I also revealed my newest collection, Destiny! All the styles!!! It included a series of genderneutral footwear that I created to push the boundaries of traditional footwear styles. From a blue layered buckle shoe inspired by seascapes to a combat-style boot, I call the CombatH8 Boot, to a genderfree high heel, I created 7 designs that would please a broad spectrum of styles and identities. I can't wait to show you more but you can check out my instagram @nikkacyfootwear for now for sneak peeks and updates on when new styles will be released!

BOGO Sale info

Finally, the update you've been waiting for... our annual Winter Sale is finally here and you can Buy One Get One at 50% off our already reduced prices!! (This is a first! because normally we don't discount sale prices but in the spirit of all the struggles we've faced this year, we wanted to spread a little cheer before the holidays and help you get into the shoes, holster or whatever accessories you wanted or for your special someone!) We also have gift cards available for sale! (promo not applicable for gift cards). (*Spoiler Alert*: CombatH8 Boots and Chelsea Boots will be available for pre-order in the next few weeks but delivery will not be until February due to the holiday season. Be sure to follow us on social media to get the latest news!)

I hope you have a wonderful holiday season and will try to send a year in review at the end of December! 

P.S. For all customers who received their Georgios boots but didn't get the removable insoles in time due to the manufacturer delay, please contact me if you'd like us to ship you the insole. Please include your order number and confirm shoe size so we can ship you the correct sized insole. You only need them IF you found the shoes to be slightly too big (i.e. a half size too big).

Thank you for all your continued support and I look forward to more great things for all of us!

with gratitude,

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