Celebrate Pride with 25% OFF STOREWIDE!

Posted on June 05 2018

Celebrate Pride with 25% OFF STOREWIDE!
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Its that time of year again where we get to celebrate across the globe all our LGBTQIA+ brothers and sisters and everyone in the rainbow spectrum! Now, more than ever, we need to be more visible, more loud and stand together! To help kick off our PRIDE for our amazing community, we are taking 25% off your entire purchase from now until June 30th! Use code PRIDE2018 at checkout. 

Product Updates

In other news, we are also close to the finish line for our first releases of the Destiny Collection. The Georgios, the Utility Holster Wallet and the Belts are all in production and should be finished for delivery before the end of the month. We had some delays due to the long process of tanning, texturing, finishing, testing, sampling, lasting and so on... we ran into some challenges and are taking measures to ensure the final product of the leathers meet our high standards of excellence. Unfortunately, perfection does take time so our production timeline has taken longer than expected. However, we are so close that our excitement is building and we can't wait to start shipping out all the orders! 

Georgios Leather at Cutting Phase

Behind The Scenes

This our custom Georgios leather in the inspection phase before being hand cut.

The Georgios Zipper Boot at the factory

Here's a BTS look at the Georgios being tested at the factory during our first leather batch testing!

If you haven't pre-ordered yet at our discounted pre-order prices, now is the last chance before all pricing will be set to retail prices. Once production arrives, we will not be able to offer the pre-order pricing. 


NiK Kacy Modern Unisex Belt
Our final Modern Unisex Belt being worn by NiK Kacy. They are so versatile and well thought out they fit from any size up to 36 (in Small) and up to size 42 (in Medium). They even can each accommodate for a little extra room should you need it during the holidays ;)


 Unisex Utility Holster

Here's a BTS look at the final Utility Holster with the NiK Kacy Footwear dust bag they will be shipped in!


New Design

Finally, we've also been working hard on new designs as well! From new shoe designs to creating other accessories for all the different styles you may have, we love coming up with thoughtful, innovative designs that go beyond the gender binary. All our designs are genderfree in sizing and fit! You choose what suits your fashion and identity!

Here's a look at our newest design, The Triangle Wallet. I think we might need to find a pink leather option for this one, what do you think? ;)

The NiK Kacy GenderFree Triangle Wallet


We also want to start giving shoutouts to some clients who have been super supportive of our work! Check them out on our IG page Profile Highlight "Fave Customers" and if you'd like to be featured in our Profile or an upcoming newsletter, be sure to post photos with your NKF products and tag @nikkacyfootwear!

Our Faves!

@susanmoffitt in NiK Kacy Black Dress Boots

@susanmoffitt is wearing her NiK Kacy Leather Bracelet Cuff and Black Dress Boots after being in a cast for months! We are so glad she's able to finally wear her boots!  Thank you Susan for your support!!

Kelly of Kirrin Finch in NiK Kacy Desert Boots

If you haven't heard of @kirrinfinch, you need to stop and go check them out right now! Kelly shown here wearing her new NiK Kacy Desert Boots is one of our not only favorite customers but is one of the OG customers from our Kickstarter days. She and her life partner Laura not only have a growing business creating awesome shirts and pants for our genderbreaking community but they also have a new growing family! Congrats Kelly and Laura and thank you for your years of support and friendship!


Happy Pride and be safe! Drink responsibly and always Walk Your Way!


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