NiK Kacy Luxury Gender-Equal Footwear

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With the unparalleled skill of Portuguese artisans, NiK Kacy brings luxury master-crafted footwear that transcends gender barriers to size and style. There is no analogue and no precedent; NiK Kacy is, quite simply, first and alone in the world providing gender-equal styles in unisex sizes and comfort. Rest assured, these are not shoes in traditional genderized proportions, as those made by others.

Each model has been custom made to reflect the avant-garde vision of its designer and to create a product in keeping with the originality and refinement that is NiK Kacy. What we have here is nothing short of a new aesthetic in footwear. These shoes are not bought so much as collected for their uniqueness and ability to distinguish their owners without compromising comfort. This combination of form and function, style and class, fit and refinement is the new alchemy of shoe design.

Elevated style that plants you firmly to the ground. They're not just men's styles, they're your style in your size.