The Limited-Edition Classic Derby (3 color options)


Black and Navy
Blue and Brown
Solid Black

Product Details

The versatile NiK Kacy Classic Derby emotes confidence by improving upon a traditional style and offering a subtle but striking 3 color palette - a two-toned navy blue/brown or black/navy blue color pattern and a dashing solid black.  They’re as suave as your Dad’s derbies, but they fit you, just the way you are.

For specifications, please see the Fortune Collections page.

Note: Please note that the Fortune Collection is being closed out to make room for our new collection, Destiny. As our aim is to continually create new styles and designs, each collection is only released for a limited period of time and each style is considered a limited-edition collection. Thank you to each of you who supported our first collection! Due to the nature of our limited-run collections, items out of stock will not be available after they are sold out until further notice.

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