Genderfree Utility Holster with Wallet (Single or Dual)

$ 186.00


Product Details

The NiK Kacy Utility Holster is designed for everyone. Whether you're a busy parent who needs both hands to manage everyday life, a frequent traveler who needs to ensure the safety of your wallet, or an active professional who wants the freedom to work without worrying about where to put your belongings, this handmade utility holster is designed to fit you! Made with genuine leather and premium metal hardware, each strap is fully adjustable to fit all body types and sizes, and can be interchangeable with our utility accessory options coming soon. 

This holster/harness wallet kit model comes with two options:

  • Single - a holster with right arm wallet attached only
  • Dual - a holster with right and left arm wallets attached (though both wallets are always detachable anytime)

Each wallet has our signature equality symbol with logo and adjustable straps for each arm. Straps are adjustable using a series of 3 small dual sided "chicago" screws. (Each pack comes with two additional screws in case you lose any.) Each strap also comes with a loop for quick attachments for things such as keychains, other accessories/equipment.  With a hidden side zipper accessible from the outside, and a secondary zipper below the flap cover you can easily access and store business cards and other thin objects. Inside the wallet, there is a third zipper to store small objects. There is a divider inside the wallet for two separate compartments to store money, wallets and phones. (please note sizing dimensions below as it may not fit all phones and will not fit notepads) 

Disclaimer: Black steel, rust-proof chicago screws are adjustable on both sides of the screw so that you can ensure they are tight and secure. We will not be liable should attachment break or fall due to user misuse/neglect.

To learn more about how to adjust our holster, please watch our video below.

Style, meet Convenience. Going out will never be the same again.

One Size Fits All.
More designs to come soon!

Max Wallet Dimensions 
4.75in x 6.25in x .75in (Width x Length x Depth of longest side of wallet) 
4.75in x 5.25in x .75in (Width x Length x Depth of shortest side of wallet)

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