5 Piece Travel-size Refillable Bottle Keychains

$ 15.00


Product Details

The best accessory to any NiK Kacy Modular Utility Holster, especially in a pandemic! Attach these refillable bottles to your holster rings (or belt or bag loops) and always have your hand sanitizers handy to keep you and your loved ones safe from any germs. Each order comes with 5 bottles, perfect for travel and outdoor activities. Great for sunscreen or lotion, too! Choose between 30 or 50 ml sizes and 3 color options for the easy-to-use flip cap. Durable bottle body and simple design. Convenient and compliant for TSA during travel as carry-on liquids.  (Hand sanitizer not included).

Item Type: Refillable Bottles
Choose Size: 30ml or 50ml
Choose Cap Color: Clear, White or Black


(SHIPPING NOTICE: Due to the global pandemic our shipping transit times may be delayed. Most shipments will arrive between 21-30 days, but due to US customs clearance delays longer delivery times may apply. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your understanding.)

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